The Page 69 Test for GHOST IN THE TAMARIND

Marshal Zeringue maintains the Campaign for the American Reader blog, which includes the Page 69 Test. In it you turn to page 69 and see what you find. I applied the Page 69 Test to Ghost in the Tamarind, and this is what I came up with:

Page 69

It was a fun exercise, and also instructive to me as a writer.


2 replies on “The Page 69 Test for GHOST IN THE TAMARIND”

Shankar, I’m well past page 69 and find myself really disappearing into the pages. Slowly. And learning a lot more about a period and events that I had a vague sense of from the stories my own mother and father told, and from overhearing some of their conversations. It’s making me remember in new ways things I had forgotten I knew. Truly a wonderful read that transports me in all kinds of ways to the land that I claim as my birthplace (Kerala) but about which I know too little. At the risk of mangling the little Tamil I know, I have to say “Remba uaram!”


Dear Dawn: Thanks so much for writing and sharing here. I appreciate your taking the time. It means much to me that the novel is able to connect people such as yourself to their history. As you know from reading GHOST IN THE TAMARIND, the history was really important to me and it’s great that the novel has been able to make it come alive for you. Happy reading and thanks again for sharing!


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