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s. shankar / writer

The Languages of Love: An Essay on Translation and Affect” in Comparative Literature 69.1, 2017.

Literatures of the World: An Inquiry” in PMLA 131.5, 2016. Critique of World Literature idea.

“Spitting at Power: The Boom in Dalit Literature and Questions of Agency” in Journal of Contemporary Thought (2014)

Download Shankar, Dalit Literature

“Thugs and Bandits: Life and Law in Colonial and Epicolonial India” in Biography (2013)

Download Thugs and Bandits

Ch. 1, “Midnight’s Orphans, or a Postcolonialism Worth Its Name,” Flesh and Fish Blood: Postcolonialism, Translation and the Vernacular (2013; Berkeley: U of California Press; Hyderabad: OrientBlackswan India)

Download Shankar, Ch 1, Flesh and Fish Blood

“Necessity and Desire: Water and Coca Cola in India,” from Cultural Critique and the Global Corporation, ed. Purnima Bose and Laura Lyons, Bloomington: Indiana UP, 2010

Downlaod Shankar, Necessity and Desire

“Richard Wright’s Black Power,” from Richard Wright’s Travel Writings: New Reflections, ed. Virginia Whatley Smith, University Press of Mississippi, 2001

Download Shankar, Richard Wright’s Black Power

“The African Novel in a Course on the Twentieth Century Novel in English,” in Teaching the African Novel, ed. Gaurav Desai, New York: MLA, 2009

Download Shankar, The African Novel

“Tranlsation and the Vernacular,” in Other Tongues: Rethinking the Language Debates in India, ed. Nalini Iyer and Bonnie Zare, Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2009

Download Shankar, Translation and the Vernacular


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